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Beyond Support to the Sale of Real Estate

The sale of real estate, in a divorce, deserves careful consideration and planning in order to achieve the best outcome for all parties concerned. As a certified divorce real estate specialist, Yun Tong teams up with the parties, their CDFA, and the attorneys, to make the transition just a little bit easier for everyone involved.

Yun believes that selling a home during a divorce requires particular care and attention. Meeting clients at some of the most challenging moments of their lives, she offers solutions to make the transition just a little bit easier. As such, she supports all parties by putting a comprehensive plan in place. She walks her clients through the process from beginning to end. Yun’s calm approach and compassionate nature ensure the best possible outcome for everyone as they move forward. Selling your home during such difficult times can make the process even more arduous. In a home that combines memories and keepsakes reminiscent of traditions and other special moments, the prospect of selling can be painful. This is why engaging someone with experience makes all the difference. They will provide support and services during the sale process.

Alongside a team of experts, Yun works with discretion and efficiency to simplify life’s challenging moments through trusted, caring and helpful professionalism.

Working with buyers makes Yun Tong a better seller’s agent – always updating her knowledge on buying behavior, always evolving and always developing. Yun Tong’s innate ability to be helpful and build supportive relationships with her clients distinguishes her and facilitates each real estate transaction.