Rightsizing your Home

Rightsizing your home

Rightsizing your home is evaluating your current living situation and determining if your home is the right size and layout for your current and future needs. As we go through different life stages, our housing needs can change, and rightsizing can be a great way to ensure your home meets those needs. One of the […]

Tips: After a Storm

After The Storm Tips

After a storm, it is important to check your house for any damage that may have occurred.

Moving with Ease

Moving in Transition

Top 3 Life Hacks Managing Stress during Transition Moving from one home to another is exciting. Nonetheless, it can also be stressful because of the number of changes that take place during this time. This is why it’s important to adopt practical and creative ways to navigate through this transition, however big or small, in […]

5 Best Photography Tips to Sell your Home

How Real Estate Photography Prepares your Home for Sale Have you decided to sell your home? A few simple steps will make a big difference before you consider your real estate photography and put your home on the market. These tips will ensure that you show off your home’s best qualities. That way, you help […]

5 Helpful Tips – Selling & divorce

Real Estate Life Hacks How do you sell your house in the case of a divorce? Here are a few life hacks to make selling a home during divorce bearable and a little easier for everyone involved. A certified divorce real estate specialist teams up with the parties, their CDFA, and the attorneys to simplify […]

Five Best Spring Cleaning Tips to sell your home

Great Ideas and Helpful Tips Springtime is the best time to clear up clutter and get organized. If you’re planning to sell your house in the near future, Spring Cleaning is a great way prepare your home for sale. Five simple tips to help sell your home are both fun and efficient. in order to […]

4 Helpful Tips for Buying a Home

What are you looking for in a home? The purchase of a home involves important decisions. Let’s make this process a fun and memorable one with these life hacks. What is my goal? Are you buying your first home? You may want to set up a home for your new family; a home where you […]

Rightsizing – Find a Home you Love

Couple huggin with moving boxes

Rightsizing your home can be exciting. The word “home” always incites warm feelings of safety and security. It’s a place of love and dreams, a place where life happens. When it comes to choosing our home, our needs must fit the image we have in mind of that perfect space. What do you consider your […]

The Best Design Trends for 2022

Design Trends for 2022 Make your Home Stand Out

How to Make your Home Stand Out The best home design trends for 2022 will make your home stand out. They take us on a journey from the past and into the future. Here are some of the best design trends for 2022 that will make your home stand out. Start the new year 2022 […]

How to Sell your Home in Winter

Doorway looking into home

  Do you want to sell your home during the wintertime? Winter months, December to February, may not seem ideal for putting your home on the market but that does not necessarily mean that your decision is a “faux pas.” Here are some great tips and ideas that will make the experience a fun and […]