“Working with Yun was an amazing experience. She taught me the value on the house, she make sure your house is fix before buying It, get you great deals, and she always go out of her way. What I appreciate the most she will be honest with you and help you whatever she can to make sure your happy. I would highly recommend Yun she will make sure you get a great deal.”

— Kevin W., Rockford, IL

“Yun is awesome to work with. Her interest is at heart with her clients. I highly recommend using her to help with selling or buying. I worked with her and she was able to help bring in offers within weeks..”

— Samantha U., Piedmont, CA

“Yun has been an amazing asset to me in looking for properties in the Bay area I might like. As a new prospective home buyer I really have very little knowledge of what is necessary for me to embark on this endeavor. She is always there to answer my questions and coach me through this time. She is sharp and thoughtful and does everything with a great sense of humor that I really appreciate as well. She has values that I share and I trust that she will help me find the right fit for me.”

— Isabelle L., Rockford, IL

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