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Trust & Probate

Resources beyond Real Estate

Real estate is usually a large portion of a family’s assets. As a Trust and Probate Specialist and Senior Real Estate Specialist, Yun Tong guides her (seller and buyer) clients through the distinct process of court sales. As this area often presents a unique set of variables requiring specialized care and management, Yun offers creative solutions and support. When necessary, she refers other local resources and enlists a comprehensive professional Power Team that will support the client’s needs.

Yun manages the project from beginning to end, reducing stress for the sellers.

She draws on her previous experience in the retail industry, and proficiency in developing and promoting products, to work with designers and contractors in order to achieve the highest profit for her clients. By offering her guidance and the best resources available, Yun is able to improve a house for the sellers and bring in more profit for the family. Moreover, Yun Tong is dedicated to facilitating the whole process.

Inspired, passionate, and driven are three words that describe Yun’s approach to her life and work. Coupled with a staunch dedication to her clients and her profession, Yun’s influence is felt beyond real estate. Please take a look at her portfolio for some further inspiration.

Fellow realtors often remark: “I cannot believe this is a probate house!”