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Thoughts on Spring 23 Real Estate Market in The Bay Area

Thoughts on Spring 23 Real Estate Market in The Bay Area

1. Increased Activity: Spring is typically a popular time for both buyers and sellers in the real estate market. Although the spring market had a soft start because of the rains, the warmer weather and longer days make it an ideal time for open houses and property showings, leading to increased activity and interest in the market.

2. Higher Inventory: As more sellers list their properties in spring, housing inventory often increases, providing more options for buyers. This can create a more competitive environment for sellers, who may need to invest in marketing and property improvements to make their homes stand out.

3. Seasonal Price Fluctuations: With the increased activity and inventory in the spring market, there may be seasonal fluctuations in home prices. This could result in sellers pricing their homes more competitively to attract buyers, while buyers may benefit from a wider selection of properties to choose from. The condo market is softening this Spring; buyers might find it easier to get the desired properties.

Thoughts on Spring 23 Real Estate Market in The Bay Area

4. Multiple Offers and Bidding Wars: The spring market can be particularly competitive in high-demand areas, leading to multiple offers and bidding wars on desirable properties. This can drive up prices and create a sense of urgency among buyers. We have seen multiple offers on single-family homes and multi-family investment properties in desirable cities and neighborhoods.

5. Tech Industry Influence: The Bay Area’s robust tech industry may continue to impact the real estate market in Spring 2023, with tech employees seeking homes in the region, particularly in areas with good schools and convenient access to major tech hubs. There have been layoffs, but we have yet to see massive sellers exiting the Bay Area because of the layoff or AI.

6. Remote Work Trends: Depending on the ongoing effects of remote work policies in Spring 2023, buyers may still prioritize homes with dedicated workspaces or larger living areas to accommodate work-from-home needs. A space for a home office is a must-have for most buyers.

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