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Tips: After a Storm

After The Storm Tips

After a storm, it is important to check your house for any damage that may have occurred.
This includes checking the roof for missing or damaged shingles, checking for broken
windows or doors, and inspecting the foundation for cracks or other signs of damage.
You should also check the gutters and downspouts for blockages, which can cause water
to accumulate and potentially damage the house. Additionally, check the electrical and
plumbing systems to make sure they are functioning properly, and check for any leaks or
flooding. If you suspect any serious damage, it is best to contact a professional
contractor or inspector to assess the situation.


Regularly inspect and maintain your roof. This includes cleaning gutters and downspouts,
checking for missing or damaged shingles, and ensuring proper ventilation.

Do you have sufficient homeowner insurance and/or home warranty coverage for fixing
the roof leak?

It depends on the specific policy and coverage that the California homeowner has.
Typically, homeowner’s insurance policies cover damage to the home and its contents
caused by unexpected events, such as a roof leak caused by a storm. However, damage
caused by wear and tear or lack of maintenance is typically not covered. It’s best to check
with the homeowner’s insurance provider to confirm the specific coverage and any
exclusions that may apply.

Install a rain diverter on your roof to redirect
water away from the foundation of your home.

Installing a drainage system directs the water away from the foundation.

Contact a contractor and foundation specialist. here are two well-known contractors I work

James Ferguson
CounterForce, Inc.
Cell: (510) 283-4337

925.634.4177 info@lebecing.com

Encapsulate your crawl space and install a
sump pump

One of the most effective methods of sealing your crawl space is with crawl space
encapsulation. This means lining the floor as well as the walls with heavy sheets of white
plastic. You’d need to buy a sump pump and a dehumidifier, too, to ensure that the crawl
space is not moist or moldy.

Make sure your landscaping slopes away from
your home to prevent water from pooling near the

A well-planned landscape design is one of the best ways to ensure that water is effectively
drained away from the foundation. From proper grading to sufficient air circulation and choosing
the best type of plants for water management, a great landscape design can make a significant
difference in your property’s drainage and the longevity of your home’s foundation.

My go-to landscaping company in the east bay area is Garden Mamas Salameda
Tarama 415-463-0781

Consider flood insurance to protect your home
and belongings in case of severe weather.

It is a good idea to review and update your homeowner insurance policy at beginning of the year.
making sure you are protected from the extreme weather events we have seen.

My go-to insurance lady is Ruth Stroup at Farmers Insurance
510-874-5700 (Office)
510-914-0532 (Mobile)
rstroup@farmersagent.com (Email)
Ruth Stroup Insurance (Website)

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