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How to Sell your Home in Winter

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How to Sell your Home in Winter


5 Best Tips & Ideas for Successful Sales


Do you want to sell your home during the wintertime? Winter months, December to February, may not seem ideal for putting your home on the market but that does not necessarily mean that your decision is a “faux pas.” Here are some great tips and ideas that will make the experience a fun and successful one.

1. First Impressions Matter

Making a strong first impression is always impactful and this certainly applies to prospective buyers. When a potential buyer visits your home during the winter, it helps to greet them in the same way you’d welcome any other guest. Present your home in the best possible light. Since daylight hours are limited in winter, you can maximize light whenever possible.

Winter months get darker earlier therefore, good lighting makes a home brighter and more inviting. Keep your home well maintained and neat by clearing snow or leaves from walkways and surrounding areas. Maintain landscaping by trimming hedges, bushes and incorporating accent lights when necessary. It not only increases your curb appeal but it also makes the house more attractive and safe.

2. A Warm and Inviting Home

When listing your home in the wintertime, look for ways that will translate a warm cozy feel to others who are visiting. One way is to increase the heating in your house on cold days. That way, you keep visitors comfortable and open to seeing more. Soft background music, coffee or cocoa brewing in the kitchen and a box of chocolates add a welcoming touch.

Use décor pieces and accessories to create a cozy comfortable ambiance. Incorporate candles, pillows and throws to complete the look and feel of the space. Make an impression by using elements of the house that are conducive to wintertime. For example, you can light your fireplace and leave a small note on the counter with more information about how to maintain it or other relevant information.



3. Showcase the Possibilities

Visiting houses can be challenging for some people during the winter months. Make them feel comfortable by supplying as much information about the house. Photographs are a great way to translate a feeling and show off the greatest potential.

Invest in professional photography to capture everything that cannot be seen in the winter. For example, beautiful landscaping or flowers and design elements that are not visible can be available in an album or 3D home tour. Potential buyers may prefer listings with many photos and/or videos along with detailed descriptions, especially concerning elements that can’t be seen in the winter.

4. Holiday Selling Tips

December to February includes many holidays and selling a home during this time needs to take this into consideration. While many people like to include a lot of décor during this season, experts advise against having too much of it. Less is more in this case. Keep holiday decorations simple and tasteful without influencing the overall feel of the home.

In your photographs and in staging your home, be sensitive to seasonal decoration. Keep the color scheme neutral and look for unexpected ways that will incorporate your décor and showcasing key elements of your house. Winter has its own beauty and winter décor is excellent to bring that out.  For example, a tall tree can be used to show off a high ceiling. An elaborate floral arrangement can highlight a spacious corner or interesting nook.

5. Hire the Right Agent

Set realistic expectations and hire the right agent. The right agent will help you decide what is in your best interest, taking into account the decision to sell your home in the winter, during the months of December to February. They will share information about the market and realistic goals to set for the success of the sale. The right realtor will inspire trust, prepare your home for sale, and ensure the highest price. I always seek excellence in everything I do and the winter sales are not any different. I work closely with my clients extending my expertise, industry knowledge, and commitment to each client. I’ve distinguished myself as a trusted real estate specialist by building relationships and remaining committed to providing quality service each time.

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