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The Best Design Trends for 2022

Design Trends for 2022 Make your Home Stand Out

How to Make your Home Stand Out

The best home design trends for 2022 will make your home stand out. They take us on a journey from the past and into the future. Here are some of the best design trends for 2022 that will make your home stand out. Start the new year 2022 with a hopeful and joyous perspective. Decorate your house and implement design changes that will make all the difference.

A home tells a story about the people who live there; it recounts events and maintains memories. Given the times we’re living in today, homes have become a blank canvas for self-expression. Each home showcases its unique character. Make your home stand out to potential buyers by showcasing its full potential. Be creative, be resourceful and have fun.

Curve Appeal

Livingroom with curved accessories design trend

What changes will we see in 2022 in terms of design, and how is this a reflection of the times? As we usher in a new year, we will see more curves and curvilinear elements in homes. Steering away from straight lines, these softer touches allow for a different flow in the home creating interest and intrigue. The future designs feature wavy lines and curves. This can be found in the exterior building elements or the interior of the house. Alternatively, curves can be incorporated inside the home by way of curved ceilings and arched doorways.

Other fun places to introduce curves include kitchen countertops, desktops, or furniture pieces. Small design additions are less permanent and simple to incorporate. A round area rug, pillows, frames, and décor pieces are great additions to wow your visitors.

Versatility & Resourcefulness

As homes become multifunctional spaces, they often serve as a workspace. Aside from being a fun and family space, it can be a personal sanctuary. The changing global climate has affected every aspect of living. On the bright side, it has allowed us to embrace versatility and has brought out our creativity and resourcefulness. More importantly, creating multifunctional spaces highlights all the possibilities and sets the stage for us to showcase how much we can do with our space.

Create rooms that are versatile. Be resourceful and creative.

The future of home décor is leaning toward the creation of multifunctional rooms, it’s a great time to use our imagination and practicality. Nowadays kitchen and dining rooms space can function as a workstation. A family room can turn into an office space and a spare bedroom may double as a relaxation room for your yoga class or a safe space to create a playroom or learning center for your children. It expands the scope of possibility for your home.

Natural Beauty

Marble kitchen counter Design Trends

Natural, soothing tones and natural materials keep the space peaceful in 2022. The neutral palette differentiates itself by including a few black highlights. Dark-colored door handles, curtain rods, or candlesticks will give your space personality. The warm palette that includes cream, taupe, or beige combines well with rich earth shades for a cozy and inviting scene. The general tone of the year to come is about mixing and matching, about bringing the outdoors in and creating an amalgamation of old and new. It can be done using furniture or other décor items, we can blend textures and colors, prints and patterns, all in keeping with a neutral warm backdrop.

Going Green

Living with natural elements design trends

In 2022, expect to see more green in the home as we blur the lines between indoors and out. Houseplants have become a very popular option to warm up the space and create an inviting ambiance. Alternative options that will be popular for the year to come include floral wallpaper and various shades of green by way of wall paint or décor pieces. Bringing the colors of nature indoors maintains our connection to the natural world as we seek to hone in on its benefits. Our appreciation of mother nature has never been greater. We include the lushness of nature and invite it into our home to uplift and invite. Natural elements like marble, stone, and wood have are popular this year. Greens and natural tones in an array of textures and styles lend themselves to a mood of serenity, peace, and hope for the future.

Opposites Attract

Your home tells a story. It connects the past and the future. This year we have seen changes that have steered us in a direction toward more sustainable and purposeful living. As such, 2022 pays tribute to the past by way of home design and décor featuring a meaningful mix of old-world charm and modern-day living. Vintage items offer an element of surprise to any modern space. A combination of antique and contemporary pieces allows room for the unique character of the home to shine through.

Vintage Cabinet Design Trends

Today’s consumers are more mindful of the environment and take the time to look for interesting finds that will create that mood. They go to thrift shops, flea markets, or antique shops to look for interesting finds. As people travel less and spend much more time indoors. Draw your buyers in by creating an ambiance of hope and possibility. A home with a unique character and an extended range of opportunities is always a welcoming and attractive prospect.

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