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5 Helpful Tips – Selling & divorce

Real Estate Life Hacks

How do you sell your house in the case of a divorce? Here are a few life hacks to make selling a home during divorce bearable and a little easier for everyone involved. A certified divorce real estate specialist teams up with the parties, their CDFA, and the attorneys to simplify the transition.

I am getting divorced

The words are attached to a whole gamut of emotions. Emotions aside, there are practical issues that must be addressed. As a realtor in the Bay area, clients have often approached me during some of the most difficult times in their lives—they are facing challenges that necessitate complex solutions concerning real estate.

The Power of the Power Team

A power team will help out every step of the way. As with any client who approaches me with a similar situation, I like to tailor a plan that best suits their needs and walk them through the process. I often hear from clients who are going through a divorce that they “just want to get it over with.” The stress brings overwhelm and therefore many want to speed it up, assuming it may easier that way. I highly recommend gathering all the right specialists to make up your power team

Plan for a Divorce in a less Sentimental Way

Two people who are married, are like two trees firmly planted side-by-side for a while. Their roots and branches are intertwined. Therefore, in order to uproot and separate these two trees, you have to consider the method of execution. We can opt to simply chop one down (a crime of passion) and see what happens to it or to the other. Alternatively, we can choose a “quick pain” approach, like ripping off a bandage and doing it as quickly as possible. We can pull the two trees apart quickly and hope they will survive in their new place in life. This method usually leaves scars, and damage and takes a long time for the trees to recover. There is, however, another option – that is to safely and carefully transplant them.

The safest way is to make a plan, with the help of CDFA (certified divorce financial planner), to clarify how you want the new life to be, and map out a reliable and safe way to get there. It may be in your best interest to start planning before you tell your spouse that it’s over. By the time your spouse gets the “this is final,” you already have a plan in motion that involves but is not limited to: a good credit score, financial ability, a goal that you need to get out of the divorce negotiation, and to start a new life. So you don’t only bring the heartache and tears to the negotiation table.

What does this decision mean when it comes to real estate?

When it comes to real estate in a divorce situation, there are several questions that need to be answered.
• What do I want to do with the house we live in right now?
• Do I want to keep the house and can I afford it?
• If the answer is no, then where do I want to live after the divorce?
• What will bring me peace of mind at the end of this process?

Most often the best option is to move into your next house before selling the current house. It takes a big part of the stress out of the equation. Many people just find a place to rent during the divorce process, temporarily, however in some way they may be prolonging the pain, uncertainty, and other negative impacts of the divorce.

The power team in action

The power team in a divorce situation are CDFA, accountant, Trust and Estate Attorney, Real Estate professionals, Family Law attorney, or a mediator.

Allow me to make life’s challenging moments a little easier through trusted, caring, and helpful professionalism. Selling a home during a divorce requires particular care and attention. I will guide you and work alongside a team of experts who will work with discretion and efficiency in transactions.

The sale of real estate, in the case of a divorce, deserves careful consideration and planning in order to achieve the best outcome for all concerned.

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