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5 Best Photography Tips to Sell your Home

How Real Estate Photography Prepares your Home for Sale

Have you decided to sell your home? A few simple steps will make a big difference before you consider your real estate photography and put your home on the market. These tips will ensure that you show off your home’s best qualities. That way, you help potential buyers easily picture themselves living in that space and making it their own. In order to attract the right buyers and make the process enjoyable and rewarding, you will need to invest some time to bring out the best qualities of your home, both inside and out.



Five Best Photography Tips to Sell your HomeBefore you take pictures or hire a photographer, give your home a good thorough clean-up. More importantly, remove personal items that create clutter such as shoes, keys, wallets, and paperwork. Clear the area in hallways and entranceways allowing it to look spacious. Place small items in drawers and pieces of clothing in the closet. Remove photographs, books, or magazines, unless you choose to decorate them neatly in a specific section of the room.

As you go through each room, prepare and style it in a well-ordered and uncluttered fashion. Consequently, the house is much more attractive and the photographs will not look messy. Additionally, the buyers will be able to focus on the spacing of the rooms without distractions.

In the kitchen, which is normally a high traffic area, you can create a cleaner look by removing magnets and any notes on the refrigerator as well as too many small appliances on the counters. Remove garbage cans and minimize hand towels or napkins. The same applies to the bathroom. In the bathroom put out a clean guest towel, make sure the toilet seat is down, and hide all other personal care items from the counter space. In the bedrooms keep your clothes in the closet and keep the closet organized as well. Fluff the pillows and comforter. Put away children’s toys or other items that may be around on shelves or on the floor.



Five Best Photography Tips to Sell your HomeBefore you embark on taking any photographs or inviting a professional photographer to your home, ensure that you stage your home in the best possible light. Aside from dusting and vacuuming the space pay attention to the lighting in each room. Turn on all interior lights and replace any burned-out light bulbs. If any bookcases or furniture items, or wall sconces have lighting, keep them lit.

Every detail in a room whether its drapes and wall fixtures or countertops and hardware make a difference. Having each room well prepared is invaluable. When it comes to photos, ask for some wide-angle shots of the kitchen, the living rooms, and the bedrooms. Do not forget to have good photos of the laundry room and the garage or other rooms too.


Curb Appeal

Five Best Photography Tips to Sell your HomeCurb appeal is always raised by tending to the outdoor needs of your home. Keep in mind that in order for buyers to imagine themselves living there, the first impression begins from the outside. Before taking photographs, power wash your walkway and rake any fallen leaves. Additionally, a manicured lawn and neat and trim hedges make a splashing impression. Keep in mind that decluttering refers to the outside of the home as well. Don’t leave any empty planters, trash cans, hoses, or other lawn tools visible.

When setting up the space for your photos, remove all vehicles from the driveway and the street in front of your home. Like the inside of the house, keep items to a minimum on the outside.


Backyard Vibes

Five Best Photography Tips to Sell your HomeMind the details when it comes to your backyard. This is an equally important part of the house. If your backyard contains items such as toys and playground articles, or towels put them away. If you have a pool, make sure that it is clean and proper in and around the area.

If your patio has an outdoor table, keep it in neat and clean condition with the chairs neatly tucked in place. Open the umbrella and if possible decorate your table with a small pot of flowers or outdoor lanterns in keeping with a minimalist and cozy atmosphere.


Floor Plans

Five Best Photography Tips to Sell your HomeThe simplest way to tackle decluttering is to do a walk-through of the house and concentrate on one room at a time. Then you can begin to take your photos or contact a professional photographer before listing your home. High-quality photography showcases your home in the best possible light. Special care to focus, lighting and editing not only showcases your space but creates a welcoming feeling.

Floor plans are an important part of any real estate listing or home design. They help clearly illustrate the layout of a home and they give buyers a clear understanding of the size of the property. A floor plan is like a map, it will substantially improve your real estate listing and help future owners organize their needs. For example, they can prepare proper measurements for their furniture and other items. It will help keep them organized as they plan for where things should go once you arrive.

A floor plan with photographs helps buyers to remember the detail of your house, and visualize how they live in that house.

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