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Rightsizing – Find a Home you Love

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Rightsizing your home

Finding a Home You Love

Rightsizing your home

Rightsizing your home can be exciting. The word “home” always incites warm feelings of safety and security. It’s a place of love and dreams, a place where life happens. When it comes to choosing our home, our needs must fit the image we have in mind of that perfect space. What do you consider your dream home? What is the size of the house you have in mind? Rightsizing means finding the right home that meets your current needs and future lifestyle.

Have you ever wondered what type of home the future you will love and appreciate? The right home will take a few elements into account. First and foremost how do you envision yourself in 10-20 years from now. Consider your particular predicament carefully. For instance, the house you buy in your 30’s or 40’s might not be the house of your dreams when you are retiring.

Rightsizing doesn’t mean downsizing

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Rightsizing is not always a matter of how much space one has. It is about living in the right space. Therefore, a home with fewer rooms or a home that is newer and therefore more energy-efficient and/or one with more practical amenities. Oftentimes, when we hear the word downsizing, it can be overwhelming. Home isn’t just about physical space and you may need to eliminate or repurpose items you have lived with for a long time. It is important to remember, it is about the environment you create. This is why it is important to discuss your needs with professionals who can tailor the right solution to suit your needs. What is the right home for you – regardless of space considerations?

Location – Location

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Clarify where you’d like to live next. What does that look like? Consider and reflect on the location of this ideal house, and the lifestyle you want to live. For some people, this means moving to Hawaii, enjoying the beautiful weather, and being close to the ocean. It may mean moving to a senior community where they can be close to friends and have the opportunity to make new friends. For others, a change like this means moving in with family, enjoying a multigenerational life.

Mind the Details

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There are some basic elements to look out for when going through this process. Before you move in, make a list of what is important right now. You and the future you (in 10 or 20 years) will be happy you addressed them since benefits will be felt almost immediately. For example, stairs can create challenges for those with balance or mobility needs. When it comes to bathrooms watch out for potentially slippery surfaces. Installing grab bars or a curbless walk-in shower, not only looks great, it helps to avoid any risks of falling or injury. Ensuring that the house has adequate lighting, avoiding glare, and feeling comfortable with the amount of lighting is equally important. Remember: independence, convenience, and safety are of utmost importance.

Declutering, Organizing and Keeping the Memories

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Organize a deep clean; ensure the cleanliness of tough-to-reach places, including the attic and crawl space. You can enlist your children or the professionals to help you with the process; if you need a dumpster, arrange for that to be available. Almost 90% of the time, the contents of an attic are purged. So, taking a tally of everything and exploring what really brings you joy and is worth keeping is important. Consider how many sets of china you have; do you need them all? Are they meaningful to you?

Eliminating items that have sentimental value is a difficult exercise and many of those items have simply been gathered over the years and are no longer necessary. They have somehow made their way into your home or storage places and they need to be addressed. Make a special space or use a decorative box for your most treasured souvenirs, the ones that are closest to your heart. Why not give some things away? They will not only make someone else happy, but it will give that item a second chance to live in another home. Take photos or keep a video record of the items you will give away and keep them for your memories. Remember: Bringing the warmth and feel of your previous home with you to the new one, like the exceptional memories and family pictures, will add beauty and personality to your new home.

The Right House for You

Rightsizing or resizing your living space can be an exciting time of transition. It is a new experience and something to look forward to. Keep a positive mindset. Your state of mind is your biggest asset when moving, relocating, and in relationships.

I hope these tips and ideas are helpful in order to get you started with the process. We help people find the right home all the time. Working with the right agent who understands your needs will simplify and make this an enjoyable process as you look into the future. Stay tuned for more on senior selling and buying.

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