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4 Helpful Tips for Buying a Home

What are you looking for in a home?

The purchase of a home involves important decisions. Let’s make this process a fun and memorable one with these life hacks.

What is my goal?

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Are you buying your first home? You may want to set up a home for your new family; a home where you will raise your children. Perhaps you need the space and accommodations of your grown family, or you want to make an investment. Do you want to create a safe and happy place for retirement? There is a home that’s out there for you. Together, we will find the one to suit your needs at this particular point in your life. Consider what is your current situation and what is the next step for your needs. What do you envision?

What do I need?

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As a starting point, make a list of your needs before they purchase a home. The right size home is a home in the right environment. Creating a list of what you need and want will prove to be an essential asset. There is no such thing as the perfect home, stick to 85% of your listed items. If a home meets 85% of your “must-have” items, it is perhaps the right one for you. Remember: Home is where the heart is.

What can I afford?

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Thinking about what we can afford may seem daunting. Affordability is a top concern for a good percentage of homebuyers The professionals are there to help. Talk to your financial planner and a mortgage professional. They will help you understand how purchasing and selling a home will impact your finances. Try to stick to that number. The professionals are there to help you assess and make the right decisions specific to you.

Who can help?

It is important to form a power team for your project. Ideally, you want them to work together to support your goal. A good team is a strong team. They will make this complex monumental project a pleasant experience that you will enjoy. Here are some professionals I recommend. A financial planner, accountant, or mortgage professional (reverse mortgage specialist) is invaluable. Connect with a home organizer, mover, contractor, handyman, project manager, and realtor. I find in some situations, a personal coach, therapist and occupational therapist are very helpful.

MEet Your Power Team

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